Infrastructure Build for Leading International Animal Health and Nutrition Company

Identify and secure Top Talent (“A” Players) to lead this client’s key market penetration objective.
Complete 14-16 placements during a twelve month, exclusive assignment, to include these leadership roles:
Sales Management, Technical Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain.
Attended client meetings to understand the business culture, market strategies, leadership style, and reward system for this company.  Utilized key learning to attract top candidates to accelerate the client’s vision and mission as a science based solutions provider.
Utilized vast network of industry contacts, advertised in respected industry publications, and built contact list through extensive research of industry press releases and announcements.
Following a rigorous screening process, led the in-person team interviews inclusive of the client Hiring Authority, with the top 1-2 candidates for each position.  Interviews were formal and thorough.  Depending on the level of position, in-person interviews ranged from several hours to more than one day.
Completed reference checks for leading candidates.  References included past supervisors, trusted peers, subordinates, and customers.  Reference questions included those developed following the in-person interviews, and drilled deeper into candidate competencies observed throughout the interview process.
We maintain urgency to keep the selection process on track, for the client Hiring Authority, and for the leading candidates. Thorough and timely communications with the client are critical elements to our process.
Sixteen (16) positions were filled during the first twelve month assignment.  Positions included:  Vice Presidents (2), Director (1), Product Management (1), Regional Sales Management (5), Technical Sales and Support (7). 
The entire recruiting process included Bill Behring, President of Premier Executive Search.  Bill was accountable for the results, and was available to the client at all times. Bill scheduled and attended multi-city interviews, attended client team meetings, reviewed and adjusted client priorities, and met all placement objectives.
Bill became a member of the client leadership team during the project.  He was a trusted team member who maintained objectivity, performing as a constant member of the leading candidate in-person interview teams.

The identification and securing of top talent by Premier Executive Search was facilitated through the close alliance formed between the recruiter and the client company leadership team.  Results were achieved more quickly since the client allowed the recruiter to become intimately involved in the strategic processes and initiatives of the client company.

Premier Executive Search is a professional, results driven recruiting business.

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